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Welcome to The Best (not very)  Exotic Doggy Hotel


What we offer at Olde England is doggy holidays and day care as reasonable rates for the discerning pup.


Situated in the Kent countryside Olde England Best Doggy Hotel is a detached Grade 2 listed cottage set in an acre of enclosed garden with lots of good sniffs and plenty of great woodland and fields to explore.

The hotel has a number of permanent residents (who regularly eat me out of house and home) so a meet and greet with the pack is recommended before making your booking.

You will be staying in the house with everyone and facilities include several dog beds, settees and armchairs. Spa bookings can be made through the hotel for a full dog washing and grooming service, massage, and hydrotherapy in the Hotel pool which is open during hot weather.  The spa treatments are sometimes nice for home going preparations so that you can look your best when your hoomans come to collect you after your stay.

Walkies is twice a day - usually one long and one short which are tailored to the guest's requirements.  For the sporting extreme dogs and those who may wish to partake of the Health Clinic package vigorous runs at the Woodland Trust Estate Hucking are provided daily.  The garden is open all day on request.

Breakfast and dinner are served for you although we recommend that you bring your own supplies to avoid upset tummies.  Treats and nice extras are also available if you are not on a strict dietary regime.

We do ask that you have your fleas under control and vaccinations up to date please before visiting.  Sorry we can't take naughty boys with all their bits - because Spud still has his . . . which also means no ladies in season either . . . unless you would like scruffy Jack Russell cross puppies . . .they would be cute though. 

I am insured and will be happy to show you my certificate - in return I will ask your hooman to sign a bit of paper so that I can travel you in my car and take you for walkies off lead if possible.